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2017 - III - 2019

03 - 05 May 2019

Orbetello, ITALY




BRANZINO The Challenge is a competitive sports event whose brand and format are owned by the  Italian association Insidefishing ASD, organizer of the event, which also holds the exclusive rights.


2. FORMAT 2019

The 2019 BRANZINO The Challenge edition format refers to the contents of this Regulation and the conditions published on the web site www.branzinothechallenge.com; the applied Regulation includes the respect of the local land regulations according to the mandatory provision of the necessary documentation to obtain the necessary authorizations.



The competition is open to all and the minimum age required to participate is 14 years old; competitors aged between 14 and 17 can participate if accompanied, on their own responsibility, by another adult participant who shall watch over the child respecting this regulation.



The right of participation in the event, not transferable, is effective and acquired with the total payment of the registration fee within the timelines required by the conditions outlined in the website registration format www.branzinothechallenge.com. Any payment delay of the registration fee must be communicated and justified to the organization by writing directly to the email address info@branzinothechallenge.com. The paid registration fee (including the deposit) is not refundable.



On May 3, on arrival at the location of Orbetello and confirmation of its presence, it is mandatory for all competitors to register at the info desk of the organization in the lobby of the Park Hotel Residence in Orbetello located in Viale Donatori del Sangue 1; all contenders will be required to sign a copy of the Regulation and of the conditions for participation, as well as the acceptance of the processing of personal data and images for the purposes of privacy, and liability rules.



Upon registration (which may be made only on Friday May 3th) is assigned to the competitors, in loan account and on their own responsibility:

  • 1 centimeter customized Table to be returned to the organization after the competition;
  • 1 adhesive sheet with the identification number of the participant to be displayed on the hull of your kayak in a visible position (in the bow on the left side);
  • 1 personalized card (tag) for recognition to be positioned above the catch during the photo shoot. The tag must be firmly tied with a cable tie to centimeter table.



The organizers will have the free right to check at any time, when they deem most appropriate, facilities and equipment of the participants to ensure acceptable performance than required by the regulation. Is also duty of competitors to cooperate with control.



The operational area for placement and preparation of the equipment, and the point of departure and arrival of participants, is represented by the circle of Canottieri Orbetello located in Via Guglielmo Marconi inside of Parco delle Crociere (Park closing time 19:00). All accessories and valuables items should be removed from the kayak during the night; they can, however, be left parked at the hauling area with night surveillance.



Both days of competition, at 7.00 am, at the circle of Canottieri Orbetello it will take place the daily briefing, to which is mandatory to attend to learn more technical information about the event.



The fishing competition takes place in the Orbetello lagoon according to the program which includes:

  • 1st day of competition (Saturday, May 4) in East Lagoon
  • 2nd day of competition (Sunday, May 5) in West Lagoon

10.1 The organizers reserve the right at their own discretion, according to a possible large number of participants, to modify the allocation of competitors in race tracks providing two groups, randomly drawn, who will compete in the two bodies of water of the lagoon to swap the positions the second day of competition.

10.2 The No Fishing or no passing zones, will be visually signed by special perimeter buoys or signs to clearly indicate the fishing limits. Inside the competition area competitors are free to move.

10.3 Each participant can check the competition area in the section Edition 2019/Fishing area of the web site, also in the process of registration on arrival at Orbetello we will provide each competitor the detailed map of the fishing area.

10.4 The organizers, taking into account the timing of starting the race, will have the participants placed in water (by identifying a point well signposted in both lagoons) in an orderly manner to implement an equal start.



The fishing duration of each fishing session will be 7 hours; the start of the competition, reported acoustically by the organizers, will be given at 8:00am with competitors already placed with the kayaks in the water. The end is fixed at 3:00pm, in which time the participants must be in the same spot they were when they started. After returning ,participants must sign the termination module of the daily fishing session. Possible postponement of the departure time due to operational difficulties and in any case reported by the organizers, will be considered at the end of the race summing the remaining minutes to catch up.



The valid fish species for the ranking is the Seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax); the measure unit used for the measurement of the fish is the centimeter and the specimens deemed valid are those with a minimum length of at least 20 centimeters. Hooked fish measuring less than 20 cm must be immediately released.



The fish is considered valid only if caught with artificial lures permitted in paragraph 20.



Each competitor will be provided, as stated in paragraph 6, a special centimeter table for the measurement of the fish; This will be the only legitimate tool to detect the length of the catch. At the  end of the measurement, which must take place in the shortest time, the bass specimens must be fastly released in compliance with no-kill regulation



For the photographic certification of the capture the competitor is required to use only a phone device such as a smartphone, iphone or ipad with the WhatsApp application installed. The participant must ensure that the telephone device's data connection is activated for the proper transmission of the picture.

15.1 Photograph oh the fish: The photo must picture the whole fish while lying down in a straight line, with resting mouth on the head of the centimeter table and with the tail fin open. Over the fish should be placed in a visible way the custom tag assigned to the participant. If these obligatory indications won’t be respected, the capture won’t be considered valid.



15.2 Photo transmission: The photographic image of the fish, which must be of good quality (clear and legible), should be immediately transmitted via the WhatsApp application to the phone number that will be provided by the organization on May 3, when registering at the info desk. The photo of the caught fish should be sent by specifying the surname and name of the participant with the sequential number of the capture. with the receipt of the photographic image, the organizers will respond to the participant with the word "OK" to validate the correct receipt of foto.

15.3 Transmission problems: if the participant finds difficulties on the reception of the internet signal to convey the photographic image, he can also send it later. Whether he continues to experience further difficulties in sending the photos, he will have to communicate by telephone to the organizers to the only telephone number that will be provided on May 3 during registration at the info desk.



The score is calculated on the sum of centimeters accumulated, less any penalties received or possible disqualification referred to in paragraphs 25, 26 and 27, by assigning 1 point for every centimeter according to the certification of photographic images; is considered a rounding up to the higher half centimeter (assigning even the half point with 0.5 units), taking into account the five (5) longest fish of each fishing session with different maximum lengths. Over 85 centimetres in lenght, for a single fish a score of 100 points is given. In case of multiple catches with a total length over 85 centimeters, as for ranking purposes, the "Big Fish" will be considered the first caught during the competition.



The provisional results (of the day) will be exhibited at the end of each fishing session,while the final classification will take into account the sum of the results of the two individual fishing sessions.

17.1 Individual ranking: consists of the scores obtained by each competitor including the evidence of big fish (fish longer). In case of a tie between two or more competitors in the individual ranking, it will be favored the candidate who hasn't achieved penalty (or achieved to a lesser extent), in case of a further tie will be considered who has performed the highest number of allowable catches, in case of further tie will be considered the fisherman who has caught the longest fish, and in case of an even further tie will be considered the angler that will have caught the first fish (evaluation by the receiving priority of the photographic image as specified in the paragraph 15.2 of the Regulation). In the case of assigning equal recognition to big fish, will be awarded the fisherman who will not have received penalties (or achieved to a lesser extent), or in case of a further tie, the participant will be awarded for first caught the longest fish ( assessments based on the priority of incoming photographic image as specified in the paragraph 15.2 of the Regulation).

17.2 Team ranking: consists of the sum of the individual results of the two fishermen who form the team. In case of a tie between two or more teams, will be privileged the team that will not have achieved total penalties (or achieved to a lesser extent), in case of a further tie it will be considered the team that will run the largest number of allowable catches, in case of further tie it will be considered the team that will have caught the longest fish, and if there will be still a tie will be considered the team that on the Competition time will have caught the first fish (evaluation by the receiving picture priorities Photos as specified in the paragraph 15.2 of the Regulation).



It is mandatory for the competitors to possess the following facilities:

18.1 lifejacket that complies with the provision of the CE, to be worn fastened before entering the water and throughout the Competition until the landing on the ground at the end of the competition;

18.2 at least one paddle with one or two blades;

18.3 polarized glasses (possibly winding patterns) to wear during the fishing action, in the launch and recovery phases, for eye protection;

18.4 battery flashlight to be used early in the race in case of poor lightning.



Only spin and casting fishing techniques are admitted to the competition.



Only lures made of metal, wood, plastic, silicone or junction from foamed materials are admitted, both single and composed even with the presence of hair or feathers. Only one rod/lure at a time. Artificial flies are prohibited. It is also absolutely forbidden any natural bait, either live or dead, and any kind of food bait.



You can use only frames related to the permitted techniques in paragraph 19, with the line made of nylon filament, yarn braided or fluorocarbon also combined but nothing else. On the line it is permitted only the positioning of leads for the overhead of the frame, of connectors or knots of swivels and / or of snaplock. Only one lure can be attached to the rig.



Only fishing rods with a maximum length of 2.80 meters, for both fixed spool and casting reels, are admitted to the competition.



23.1 One Kayak admitted to the competition with only one competitor on board.

23.2 On the kayak it is allowed to keep as more rods as needed, as long as they respect the characteristics of fishing gear in paragraph 22.

23.3 It is allowed to use the landing net as long as it is short-handled and not telescopic, with rubber net, to be used exclusively for hooked fish.

23.4 It is allowed the use of electronic equipment such as sonar, echo sounders and GPS.

23.5 It is allowed only arm or leg propulsion, even with the aid of pedal  fins or propeller; it is forbidden to use any kind of motor (trolling or combustion engine).

23.6 It is allowed the ballast anchor which must be firmly attached to kayak.



The code of conduct must comply with the following rules:

24.1 the fishing action must be exercised only by kayak;

24.2 the fishing action must be carried out only with one rod at a time, all the other spare rods must be kept with the lures out of water making it clearly visible;

24.3 each competitor must observe a minimum distance of 30 meters to other kayaks. This rule applies even when overtaking another kayak with the exception of the time of departure early in the race and the arrival at the end of the competition;

24.4 the movements can only be made by water, the berthing places ashore will be only those permitted as shown in planimetric mentioned in paragraph 10.3;

24.5 during the fishing contest is forbidden to approach or be approached by other teams and by people outside the competition;

24.6 it is forbidden to dock to the shore during the course of the competition except to physiological needs, or physical problems, communicating in advance by phone to the organizers always and transmitting your position with the WhatsApp phone application;

24.7 it is prohibited the sale of the catch in any capacity;

24.8 troll fishing is forbidden.



For any unjustified late return (**), a penalty occurs for every minute after the programmed end of the tournament

10 points

Trespassing of No Fishing Zones (except in case of strong wind) after the first call

50 points

Non-compliance with paragraph 20

60 points

Non-compliance with paragraph 21

30 points

Non-compliance with paragraph 24.2

80 points

Non-compliance with paragraph 24.3 (after the first call)

20 points

Non-compliance with paragraph 24.4

40 points

Non-compliance with paragraph 24.5

40 points

Non-compliance with paragraph 24.6

40 points

Non-compliance with paragraph 24.8

50 points

(**)  the delay is justified only in case of rescue of another participant or kayak, and should be reported to the organization by telephone, or WhatsApp, to the telephone number that will be provided on May 3 during registration at the info desk.



For the individual points listed below, you will be disqualified from the competition day:

Any delay of more then 15 minutes after the end of the competition

Rescue recovery with towing by the support boat or another angler

Non-compliance with paragraph 18.1

Non-compliance with paragraph 18.2

Non-compliance with paragraph 19

Non-compliance with paragraph 22

Non-compliance with paragraph 24.1



For the individual points listed below, you will be disqualified from the competition:

Non-compliance with paragraph 3

Non-compliance with paragraph 5

Non-compliance with paragraph 23.5

Non-compliance with paragraph 24.7



In case of difficulty or danger, is duty for each competitor to provide assistance to the nearest kayak; difficulties or dangers of any kind must be reported by telephone, or WhatsApp, to the organizers to the only telephone number that will be provided on May 3 during registration at the info desk.



29.1 Claims of competitors, referred to other participants or to operational terms, must be received by the organization within fifteen minutes after the end of each fishing session documented by a photographic, video or other type of evidence. The organization will consider the complaints and will decide, according to the rules of the Regulation on the basis of the provisions of paragraph 38.

29.1 Complaints of the participants, referred to the charts, must be received by the organization within thirty minutes from the public display of the ranking list; the organization will consider the complaints and will express the eventual changes of the ranking order, after the necessary checks.



The competitors, after the event, have the right to submit any claims which relate to the hypothetical failure to follow one or more provisions of the regulation. The appeal request must be received by e-mail within seven days after the end of the event, sent to the info@branzinothechallenge.com email.It is required to enclose a payment of 50 Euros for office rights, in name of the same bank code IBAN reference used for registration fees (object "sporting event Appeal Branzino the Challenge 2019"). 



The organization reserves the right to decide at any time and at its discretion any possible reduction of fishing hours (with the possible shift of start times term or race) or the cancellation of a race day or both days, when safety standards were compromised by adverse weather and dangerous conditions (ex. too strong wind, lightning storms, etc...).



The awards list goes back directly to what is listed in the 2019 Edition/Prize table; prizes will be given to the competitors attending the award ceremony, in case of absence they can not be withdrawn from other people even if delegated. The assigned material prizes can not be switched to money, also once given to the winners they become liable for it.



Whether all the placings to reward aren’t reached, both for the individual ranking for the teams, the remaining awards will be drawn among the participants who have not been classified. We will proceed with the draw of the prizes even if, for the reasons set out in paragraph 31, the race will be cancelled.



The angler is fully responsible for his own behavior, the working of his equipment (including safety) and his own safety, he must also strictly observe the safety rules imposed by the regulations.



The organization of the event, the municipal administration of Orbetello, the concessionaire of the lagoon , partners, sponsors, organizations and all employees involved in the organization of the event will not be responsible for personal, material and immaterial injury that may take place before, during and after the holding of the competition.



The organizers will use at their discretion, in anytime and on any support material that deem appropriate for the promotion of the event, the photographs and videos of the participants. The competitors must agree to be photographed and videotaped at all times during the event, for the needs of the organizing team and the media who collaborate with the competition.



The organization reserves the right, at any time and in any case within a maximum of ten days before the event, to change this Regulation in its terms and conditions.



The decision-making body of the event is the organizer who has full power to decide with regard to the application of this Regulation and to what it doesn’t cover, to the disrespectful behaviors of the participants, to disputes, complaints and appeals.